Service Category: Consultancy

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Global logistics & Travel

we organize interesting tour packages for different global destinations as well as university admissions.

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Business Consultancy

As professionals, we work closely with clients to diagnose areas of needs, challenges, and prospects for scalability in a challenging environment.

Procurement & OEM Representation

Procurement & OEM Representation

By leveraging our global reach with notable OEMs and supply chain expertise, we are your specialist Procurement Partner for core and non-core products from Energy tools and equipment to Power Plant spare parts, consumables, IT, Telecom, Retail, etc.

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Renewable Energy

As a forward-thinking company, we provide safe and sustainable clean energy solutions such as Solar. We can provide expertise in end-to-end solutions from development to full monitoring.

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We invest in growing startups solely driven by technology with focus in Africa. You are welcome to work with us and we will provide advice and available technology driven startups available for investment.

Technology and Services

Technology Solutions

At Mczee Global, we are confident that technology can positively enhance customer service, boost sales, and align all business practices.

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